Accomodating in the general education classroom

22-May-2017 01:22

Other tasks include assessing students' progress and communicating effectively with parents.504 plans legally require teachers to make the accommodations as specified in the plans, as well as monitor and participate in plan reviews.This design gives all students an opportunity to be successful.The teacher designs instruction for students with a broad range of abilities, reading abilities, disabilities, motivation, learning styles, and attention span. However, when dealing with special needs students in the general music classroom, this method has proven to be successful if three things are kept in mind: multiple presentation means of materials, especially including technology, such as the Smart Board; consideration to how well the student responds to the materials and assessment of how the student demonstrates understanding and knowledge; and how to engage the student in the learning process through determination of interest and motivation (Bowe, 2000; Burgstahler, 2007a, 2007b; Mc Cord & Watts, 2006; Rose & Myer, 2006 in Adamek and Darrow, 2010).504 plans level the playing field, enabling students with special needs to get the accommodations needed to access curricula at the same level as their classmates.

They should begin by asking two important questions: Special education focuses on academic programs that help individuals who are physically, mentally or emotionally impaired.

Students can qualify for 504 plans if they have physical or mental impairments that affect or limit any of their abilities to: The goal of 504 plans is for students to be educated in regular classrooms along with the services, accommodations, or educational aids they might need.