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07-Sep-2016 10:26

Here are 3 RFI vulnerabilities in Flashchat i've found: Code: The script that would require these files is AEDating: you simply delete the following files and you will be secure: /inc/cmses/aedating4/inc/cmses/aedating /inc/cmses/aedating CMS2if your flashchat is integrated with AEDating and/or you dont want to delete the files you can just edit the 3 files to use your path like this: Replace this: $aed_root_path = realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . Brandy was just giving way to gin around then, so take your pick.You can force someone to drink anything - pour it in their mouths, pinch their noses and clamp their jaws shut.Flashchat 6.0.8 and PHP-FUSION V7.02.03 Integration. Works also with older version PHP-FUSION v7.02.01 in fact the script was created using this version then tested the version previously announced..Download available PHP-FUSION v7.02.03 In the v7.01.04 and maybe lower the php-fusion team still used md5() hashed to encrypt the user_passoword, but in version 7.02.01 and over the encryption was updated for use of more secured hashes.. The php files that we need to create are the following: In the folder “/inc/cmses” create “fusion7_02_03CMS.php” will use this higher version because I created the script thinking in this specific version..[edit] I might need to rethink my question since Susanna's reply. If we had a doctor who believes someone is in great stress due to the loss of someone and in turn threatening harm to themselves or others, would they be inclined to think of the person being in pain like we might now?

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I imagine they would not have injected someone and that possibly opium might have been used.

I have a character that a doctor believes needs to be sedated to stop self or harm to others and wonder if they were to forcefully do such a thing, if perhaps they would use a cloth and something?

Been pretty messed up lately, trying to get off all this shit... I need to sleep.25mg isnt enough the packet says take 1-3 25mg pills ffs. i used to take phenergan before i got precribed antipsycthocis. Be careful with Phenergan/Promethazine because a high enough dose can cause deliriant effects.

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I don't have any sleeper around, so I am wondering what dosage should i take of Phenergan to get to sleep... its actually a really good sleeping tablets with little side effects. Most accounts of deliriant experiences are neutral at best, and generally very unenjoyable.

Now that will do it, Install the chat as usual, when the integration page come up , chose to install PHP fusion V7.02.03.

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