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This website is not affiliated with the United States Government or any Federal or State government agency.reality star is seeing Mark Mc Daniel, a man who was convicted in 2004 of molesting her 8-year-old relative. Mama June Spotted Looking For Homes Mc Daniel, 53, served 10 years in prison for the crime and was released in March.Hossman's on-again-off-again girlfriend, who only wanted to be identified as "Brenda," told Radar in an exclusive interview last Friday that she watched Teen Mom, saw the episode in question, and that Amber's date was definitely not Hossman. Also, I can't seem to understand why Farrah got so mad at her dad when he was helping her at her apartment."Brenda" also told Radar that Hossman is now going to consult a lawyer over the case of mistaken identity. I feel like I like Farrah half the time and want to smack her the other half. Especially during the counseling session when the counselor called her out on trying to talk Farrah out of her grief instead of letting her feel it.There's also a photo of the two together hanging out in a hotel room taken several weeks ago.Honey Boo Boo Cancels A Meet & Greet "TLC is not currently in production on ," the network said in a statement. Yes, it's usually the ladies kicking up drama on MTV's most bonkers reality series, but this week it's been Farrah Abraham's unhinged boyfriend Simon Saran stirring the pot.Saran must be starved for attention, because he's been posting controversial content to social media for several days straight. At first, Maci Bookout was the primary target of Saran's ridicule: “How can you talk about balance when you can’t even balance walking a straight line cause you’re too f--ked up?

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"Leah's happy, she smiles, she's god's gift to them," Carol added.It's been rumored that Baier fathered nine children with seven different women and spent several years on the run from child support payments.Baier denies the reports, but they haven't exactly endeared him to fans of the show." Saran tweeted, apparently in reference to rumors that Bookout drank while she was pregnant.

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online, you're probably aware that Baier makes quite the easy target.Amber said yes, and the couple is planning on getting married sometime within the year. Online and gushed about her new man: My life now with my new fiance is amazing and our relationship is completely different than what mine and Gary's was. I feel more love for him than I ever have for anybody.