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Secondly, the residents, a family of five, had asked for a lawn facing south in order to have a pool on the southern side.

A direct connection between the interior and exterior and the ability to enjoy activities both inside and out, with all accompanying functions, were part of client requirement and were addressed in the design.

“It’s my pride and joy,” he smiles of a house tucked in a back street up the hill from Hydra’s main harbour.

“We travelled so much,” he adds, referencing an itinerant childhood catalysed by his parents’ split in 1979, “and it’s one of the only places that remained fixed.”He leads me through his bedroom, which was once where Leonard and Adam’s mother Suzanne Elrod slept.

Out of his own bedroom window we can discern, in the dark, a mountainous peak on this small, rocky, car-free island two hours’ ferry-ride from Athens.“There’s a monastery on top,” points out the singer, who lives most of the year in Los Angeles.

Jacob Cohen is a luxury Italian label dating back to 1985.

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Firstly, the north side is closer to the sea, so it will be possible have a view to the sea from the house second floor.

Designing of the construction for the house posted a special challenge to the engineers, which solved it by suspending the upper box structure from concrete beams like a bridge over the ground floor, eliminating any supports which might obstruct the continuity of space.