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Also, if Watson was sister-in-laws with Kate Middleton, I imagine their friendship would be even better than Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift’s (and you know that’s a lot).It's been 20 years since "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" arrived in U. Over the last two decades, the books and films have captivated both young and old." data-reactid="23"Four years later, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and the gang would take up the mantle on the big screen.

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“A party also shows he’s fun and not stuffy.” They added: “He’s smitten – and it’s more than Emma’s looks.”Daily Mail hasn’t picked up on this scoop and they’re all over royal palace and celebrity gossip — they would actually, in my opinion, make a great couple.

And I was one of them," Radcliffe added.2 - Robin Williams rejected? Yep, the late Oscar winner wanted to play Hagrid in the movies, but apparently there was a Brits-only rule by the Huffington Post last year." data-reactid="31"“Robin had called [director Chris Columbus] because he really wanted to be in the movie, but it was a British-only edict, and once he said no to Robin, he wasn’t going to say yes to anybody else, that’s for sure,” casting director Janet Hirshenson told the Huffington Post last year.3 - What's up with Hermione Granger's teeth?