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전형화 기자 [email protected] Korean celebrities are so good at hiding their relationships. m=7&y=2003[07.25] So Ji Sub and Kim Hyun Joo's heartbreaking love Former star couple Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub had one year of heartbreaking love that faced many obstacles.

Imagine, they have been dating for 2 years and it didn't leak out. It's not that easy because YEH's management company is very strict. Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub were a couple that would have definitely gotten married, but there have been obstacles that have tested their relationship.

KJK on the other hand has been much more vocal because he has more freedom, he is one of the shareholder of 101 entertainment the management company that he's from. the ring that he gave YEH is bigger than the one that he gave his ex girlfriend of 4 years. If they were together once there's still a chance they can rekindle their love? I was rooting for them but only to find out in the end it isn't going to happen. Gosh, wouldn't it be amazing after collaborating in Wonderful Life they started seeing each other again and reunited because they realize that they were wrong to ever part ways and that part of them were still dwelling of the 'what if' I had stay with him or her my life would've been so perfect. Both sides of their families have objected their relationship because of status.

The list goes on and on but I guess those people interested will just have to check out the thread dedicated to them Edited by endurance, 01 December 2006 - AM. They both did the series ' Wonderful Life' together. A close relation of Kim and Soh's party witnessed that both sides have had lots of troubles, but Kim Hyun Joo has still said that So Ji Sub is her last guy of which So Ji Sub shed tears after hearing.

) is a record label and talent agency founded by Yang Hyun-suk based in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2012, YG Entertainment's share prices saw a year-over-year increase of more than 60% due to the increase in publicity following the achievements of multiple artists on the label.[4] On March 1996, Yang Hyun-suk, a former member of legendary Korean band Seo Taiji and Boys, founded YG Entertainment along with his younger brother Yang Min-suk.Yang said he first met Seo when the musician came to him to learn how to dance."Blown away" by his music, Yang offered to join the group and they later recruited Lee who was one of the top dancers in Korea.Un video musical mas la canción completa fue liberado el 21 de Abril.

Loveless fue lanzado el 29 de Abril y sus promociones comenzaron en Mayo.

Ella entrenó por la grabación de un álbum bajo la agencia en 3-4 años.