Are you dating quiz

12-Feb-2016 19:17

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Take this quiz to find out if you’re in the right relationship or want me to give Kyle your email. B: He’s kind of only into standing around smoking with his shirt off–but at least he looks hot! There are things about him I like and things I don’t, but so far so good!

I just started seeing someone and it wouldn’t really be fair to him. Not to keep on harping on Kyle, but we’re all trying to fix him up with someone cool because he’s a really great guy. A: I like all kinds of dates as long as they’re with my boyfriend!

In honor of Valentine's Day, take this quiz to find out which TVD dude would be your perfect match! You like 'em dark and broody, with a biting wit to boot. He's sweet and nurturing and will always put your needs ahead of his own.

Just try not to get on his bad side — he's been known to, um, transform into something a little uglier. He may be a little vanilla, but he's pretty much the cookie-cutter boyfriend that most girls dream about. He idealizes you: but his expectations of you are unrealistic.