Bones and booth dating in real life

24-Mar-2017 13:07

Deciding to explore a different part of her life, she comes back to DC to be with Booth, thinking long-term for their relationship.

“She’s there to explore a different part of her life and start a life with him.

Emily Deschanel gathered her family, including her sister Zooey, on Saturday for her wedding to boyfriend David Hornsby.

“There was something so slow and honest about their evolution as individuals and as a couple. While there was always this curse hanging over our heads," he says, referring to the Bruce Willis-Cybill Shepherd series that flamed out once the couple became a romantic couple, but "at a certain point, the tension was dishonest.

“I think people are going to be excited about my character. “[Hannah’s] not there to be part of a love triangle or create a big cat-fight or high school drama.