Bristol dating her dance partner hr manager dating manager

16-Jul-2016 20:06

US media seized on the story, reporting that the audience had spotted the interview being set up when the boos came.But broadcaster ABC claimed the protest was over Grey and Hough's scores from the judges. 'It's great to see all this courage and joy and exuberance by every dancer - it's awesome.' Asked about the judges, she said she would not criticise them as her daughter had yet to perform. 'It's like before a hockey game - you're not going to chew out the ref before your team is on the ice!Sarah Palin appeared to be 'booed' as she went on live television to support her daughter on Dancing With The Stars.The controversial politician was in the audience for the second week of the US competition as Bristol took on the quick step.It was introduced with a clip showing her visiting the family's home in Wasilla with partner Mark Ballas.

She is an observer on the board of Victorious, and sits on the boards of Rewire, Glide, and Duality.But just before she was interviewed, as dancer Derek Hough and actress Jennifer Grey received their marks from the judges, there was booing from the crowd. I don't know why,' said hostess Brooke Burke, while Grey asked, 'Why is there booing?