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05-Apr-2017 10:48

Audio Transcript What would I say to a young college man who’s dating a girl?

I would say that the impulse towards pairing off is good, it’s from the Lord. I think a lot of young men and young women want to create this unique semi-covenanted space that, under God, doesn’t really exist.

If you look at how God identifies relationships between men and women, if you’re in Christ, you’re either brother and sister, or you’re husband and wife. I would encourage a young man, if you’re interested in a girl, think she might be marriable, spend time with her, great.

But I think in your mind you need to discipline yourself to think, “She is my sister in the Lord.” First Timothy is clear. Do that.” Then I give them Romans, “Make no provision for the flesh” (Romans ). Spend time with her but do it with a group of friends.

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BANGIEVsay is keep your heart open toall possibilities and the rightone will come your way.

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You don’t fool around with your sister, because that’s nasty, right? I have to treat her like I would want someone to treat my baby sister.” What would that look like? I don’t try to take that from her or lead her like I’m her husband. Don’t square off into each other’s bedrooms, dorm rooms. Make no provision for the flesh.” You get out in the place where you can talk about things that are holy and good and encouraging because ultimately if you are going to marry her, that sexual desire, tension, all that’s good, but when you’re married, a good percentage of your time is just going to be hanging out.

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