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19-Jul-2017 11:37

If she was just talking about a getaway weekend with the old cast or a mutual friend’s wedding, why would she tag the show? ” And it wasn’t just the cast, she also added the official show handle.which just debuted in its regular Sunday time slot two days ago (after a preview on Thursday, July 26).

Carly Chaikin: He's honestly one of the coolest guys in the world.The unscripted series followed a group of Los Angeles, and later New York, lesbians and addressed subjects including marriage, fidelity and dating."We did the scripted show, we did the ensemble reality show and it's probably going to become a documentary this year," Nevins said, noting that there could be a few different ways producers could go., a lesbian reality show that ran for 3 seasons, had its core fans, but never really took off like the original drama.

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So, in celebration of the show that started it all, we wanted to track down all of the beloved actresses we tuned in religiously to watch.

The Women of CBS' The dating series centered on three single women — April Francis, Rachel Harley and Libby Lopez — who come from different background and ages but meet up to sift through nearly 100 men in their quest for true love.