Chester see and tiffany alvord dating

30-May-2016 10:53

And the side effects are hallucinations of song and dance so at moments she’ll see things in very ‘Smash’ or ‘Glee.’ We bust into song and it’s all in her head but it is how she is perceiving the moment.

Well, the time to relive the feelings from your “Party of Five” TV-watching glory days has arrived, because Awesomeness TV quietly uploaded the first episode of “Side Effects” yesterday, the first day of You Tube Music Week.

In the video “Hitting On Tiffany With Tyler,” Chester and Tyler try their best to feed Tiffany corny pickup lines, but with each attempt, they dissolve into giggling messes.

The boys should have taken the advice from You Tube user Blackcoffee4evar who commented below the video saying, “The best pickup line is: ‘Hey, I’m Chester See.’” Done.

However, there was also a big rumor about Huey’s sexuality and people thought that he was gay which was later cleared out by his sources.

She is a terrific singer and her songs are full of souls.

Chester See just released a new collaboration video with Tyler Ward in which the two musicians answer fan questions and challenge one another to see who best can hit on fellow You Tube musician Tiffany Alvord.

In the video, Chester promises fans that from now on he will be uploading a new vlog every Tuesday as a way of better staying in touch with his audience.

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He has gained the fame because of You Tube where his videos have gained more than one hundred million views.

"sure, will be up in a minute." and Tiffany walked upstairs. I put my phone back in my pocket and walked up the stairs to find Tiffany fast asleep in my bed. are we going to tell everyone that we are engaged today? "yep, if you want to." then Tiffany said "I sure do." I smiled at her and gave her a towel. " I put my phone in my pocket and went downstairs while Tiffany was in the shower. "I really need to get my driving license, I cant keep on using the bus" I said. we walked up to Megan's front door holding hands. "hey guys, come in" said Megan while opening the door wider letting us in.

I was engaged to Tiffany Alvord, who wouldn't be? " we left the house and walked to the bus stop together. the bus stopped out side of Megan's house, me and Tiffany got off the bus.

Beside our exclusive chat with Chester, Awesomness TV had debuted a trailer for the show during Vidcon Week back in April.

The show is co-produced by Awesomeness TV and Universal Cable Productions and stars You Tubers like Chester See, Lia Marie Johnson, Taryn Southern, Meghan Rosette and Vincent Cyr.

He was born in the year 1983 on the twentieth of April that makes him of the age of 32.

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