Computer not updating windows xp

25-Nov-2016 11:28

As we often say, you'd be surprised at how much your computer appears to speed up when you install Windows fresh.

You might think that an operating system that was actually engineered in the late 90s would be fully obsolete and unused by now.

If you do decide to update to Windows 10, you'll have to do a clean installation as there's no way to upgrade and keep your files, settings and programs.

It isn't a limitation of Windows 10 but of XP: even if you wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP you'd have to wipe your hard disk and start again.

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If you want to DIY it, you can also download Ubuntu for free.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free, but other security options are available — including suites from Kaspersky and others.

federal agencies) will continue to use XP — and UK and Dutch governments are even Microsoft to continue support, but everyone else is out of luck. The company has agreed to provide anti-malware updates to Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP until 2015.

With 30% market share, Microsoft knows it can't just cut support completely.

Your web browser is often the place where most users wind up getting infected with a virus or malware.

But it isn't supported by Microsoft any more and therefore is at risk from viruses and malware that can take advantage of any security holes that remain.