Conscious dating network

03-Jun-2017 19:57

So Libes and Eldridge decided to shift their focus and build a network that matches impact investors with fellow investors as well as deals.

In January, they launched Investorflow, which does just that.

It’s not easy for tech startups to land investments, but it’s a fairly standard playbook, with local funding sources buoyed by central tech hubs in places like San Francisco and New York.

That’s not so for the world of “impact investing,” where well-to-do individuals and groups look to make a positive impact on the world by investing in things like clean water, energy and poverty solutions.

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Using a semi-automated process on the backend, the site matches like-minded investors and sets them up with deals that meet their preferences.

There’s no Silicon Valley for impact investors, and it’s something that Seattle-area startup and nonprofit veterans Luni Libes and Matt Eldridge learned when they tried to start a seed fund investing in companies that wanted to make the world a better place.