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23-Jan-2016 14:54

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Luckily, there are a number of methods--some free, some with small costs--that can make this process easier.

Home Sharing, available in i Tunes 9 and higher, allows i Tunes libraries on the same network to copy items back and forth.

If you choose to consolidate your i Tunes library, the result will be that you will create copies of all of the files in your library into a single folder (usually "i Tunes music") on the hard drive of the computer from which you are running i Tunes.

It leaves the file in its original location as well.

For the most part I was fine with my sloppy, unorganized library, thinking that one day I would clean it up and it would be easy but it wasn’t needed right now.

This really didn’t become apparent till I finally got an ipod controller for my car and while trying to go through my artists, it took forever just to scroll through the “B”‘s .

See the i Tunes Store Terms of Service for additional information.

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The library is thus a list of references to locations on either your hard drive or another computer (if you are part of a local network). Whether you are creating an i Tunes library from one computer or various computers in a network, you likely do not have all of your music and video files in one location.Not every household needs more than one computer running i Tunes.