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If you've had the opportunity to catch a Cirque du Soleil performance, one of the first things you might notice is that this ain't your grandma's tent carnival.

In case the steep price of admission didn't give away that modern circus-type shows have set their sights on grander displays than the circuses of years past, the lush sets, exotic costumes and death-defying contortions and acrobatics should do the trick.

She then unwinds and slinks out of the bottle at the end of the routine. She also fires a bow and arrow using just her feet while balancing in a handstand.

Emőke Ritter acrobat and contortionist Date of birth: 22nd of June 1968, Székesfehérvár, Hungary Education and experience - started gymnastics at the age of 4 in 1972 at the Köfém Association of Gymnastics in Székesfehérvár - admitted to the Hungarian Circus Institute in 1979 - 1979-1987 Hungarian Circus Institute - 1982-1986 Hungarian Dance Academy, Nádasi Ferenc High School - Circus artist degree in 1987 at the Hungarian Circus Institute, Capital Circus of Budapest - 2000 aerobics and personal trainer - 2000-2002 Krea Art School - 2011 motion and movement development pedagogical training, education of distinctive children aged 3-8 with movement therapy (Tünde Tótszőllősy) - 2011 Pilates instructor (Body 'n' Soul Wellness & Pilates Academy) - 2012 foundation of Flyfitness Mozgásstúdió (Fly Fitness Motion Studio) - 2012- Flyfitness Mozgásstúdió professional guide and instructor -2014- teacher of the Imre Baross State Circus School Budapest - 1987-1990 Maxim Variete Budapest - 1991 Misty Variete Gran Canaria - 1992 Eilat Variete Israel - 1992-1994 Fischer Promotion Vienna - 1992-1994 Moulin Rouge Vienna, Linz - 1994 Circus Fossett National Circus, Ireland - 1995 Circus Princessan Festival Stockholm - 1995 Circus Scott National Circus, Sweden (Broderna Bronett) - 1995-1997 Exclusive contract with Circus Roncalli Gala Shows, Germany - 1995 Wintergarten Variete Berlin (Bernard Paul Show) - 1996 20E Anniversaire Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo - 1996 Hotel Loews Cabaret Monaco - 1996 G.

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To this day, body contortionists remain one of the most stunning performers of the circus arts.

Then they perform a final "battle" scene martial-arts style, while suspended upside down from as far as 90 feet (27 meters) off the ground [sources: Leach, Vegas Chatter].

Yet while the circus arts definitely have evolved from the days when P. Barnum and the like crisscrossed the country by wagon and train with a jumbo-sized elephant, modern performances remain largely rooted in some of the skills and techniques developed as far back as ancient Egypt and China and during the Roman Empire.

Clad in a glittery purple leotard with Hidden Citizens’ “(I Just) Died in Your Arms” as her background music, the unbelievably limber teen opened her number with an eloquently executed spin, balancing herself on one hand.

The competitive gymnast turned self-taught contortionist and hand balancer then proceeded to blow everyone’s minds with a masterful routine that would make the Final Five weep.

Our jaws hit the floor when she went from doing multiple back flips in place to this beautiful yet dizzying spin while suspended from the ceiling that kind of made her look like a human disco ball: judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel.

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