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10-Apr-2016 07:17

Shhh: You might hear a pin drop in the city hall of Parma, Missouri, where top officials and police officers quit after a black woman was elected mayor for the first time, KFVS reports via the Huffington Post.Former city clerk Tyrus Byrd was sworn in as mayor last week, after beating 37-year incumbent Randall Ramsey by a 38 votes, 122-84.old tradition, a Japanese male sex toy company – Tenga – has created what could possibly be the future of self-pleasure… The technology, as pictured above in all its glory, is essentially a virtual reality sex suit – yes, you read that right, a sex suit – which takes its user into a virtual world where sad-looking anime women perform sexual acts for their very eager users.So that covers the virtual part, but what about the physical part?That contraption includes the virtual reality headset, a fake pair of fleshy pseudo-boobs, and a “masturbation sleeve,” all put in sync to create what should be seamless combination of virtual and physical realities.Sounds like an intense Friday night, if you ask us.

Whether you’re searching for a cyber hook-up using a dating service, a social-networking site like Facebook, or you’re a cyber geek looking for a love match on World of Warcraft, lady love is just a mouse click away.w=300" data-large-file=" w=850" / Sometimes, a smooth talker will rephrase a little and use the almost sickening line, “What’s a cute/hot/normal girl/babe/honey like you doing finding guys here? You think I am going to fall for you because you just called me normal?My standards haven’t been that low since my first college party. Why do I have to explain myself to everyone I meet on the site? You’ve moved past the rookie bar scene and buying Jäger shots for an attractive woman, only to find yourself broke and holding her hair back while it all comes back up.

Despite the stigma, looking for love or at the very least a hook-up online isn’t just for introverts, perverts and chat room geeks.We have an obnoxious boss called Leo King who is the CEO of his parents business, and we have the fiery redhead named Samana who has a temper and a mouth she likes to use frequently to yell at her boss whom she hates with a passion. The Sexy Billionare bad boy Leo King Ceo of W a woman's Magazine. Feisty Redhead trying to get her life back on track, Starts working as Leo personal assistant.