Dating 2 girls in persona 4

20-Oct-2016 11:13

You can also have multiple girlfriends if you opt to do so, although if you start going out with another girl while being romantically involved with another, there's a chance that you'll have your dates with the new girl get intercepted.

It's an interestingly awkward spectacle to behold, to say the least."Yeah, in the context of the game, being "intimate" is the equivalent to having them be your girlfriend, so Yukiko is indeed that.

I wanted to date Naoto but I'm accidentally dating Rise. This is one of the differences between Persona 3 and 4.

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The developers added many in-game events to prevent the game from becoming stale.Contrary to what has been said the save feature works for me, but if you delete your temp files or do not allow Newgrounds to save files via a small popup window you may receive, you will lose your save/not be able to save.