Dating a mommas boy

24-Mar-2016 20:45

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Of course, this makes it hard for him to commit to another woman -- namely, you.

Q: What's the difference between a man having a "healthy" attachment to his mother and an "unhealthy" one? Mandel: While you might find it odd that he's calling or even visiting his mother daily, the frequency of contact a guy has with his mom doesn't determine how healthy or unhealthy his attachment is to her. If both mom and son have mutual respect for one another and have set good boundaries with each other (if he's able to say "Thanks but no thanks for the new underwear you bought me, Ma.

That’s sounds more like a WIFE than a MOTHER to me.

If I sound a little bit too familiar with this particular species, your right.

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It’s those loving memories he associates with growing up and coming home to the perfect cookie.

You know exactly the kind of man I am referring too.

He appears to have it all together but when in the company of his mother he totally losses it and can’t think for himself.

But then again, there are times when a mama’s boy might not be what you’re looking for…

As points out, there are a few dead giveaway signs that your man is a mama’s boy, like…

I am 34, you know...", for example), their talking everyday may not be something worth your concern.

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