Dating a sorority women

02-Jul-2016 15:08

It's annoying, but you'll also probably gain some third-degree Instagram followers, so, that's a plus. From the handles of cheap vodka served complimentary at mixers, to the annual Chanukah Toy Drive – it seems like sorority girls are always giving. Of course, sorority girls are “fun”; they basically ooze that sh*t. It's a scientific fact that only 37 percent of sorority chicks understand the plot of “Homeland.” This is an impressive statistic considering that 100 percent of sorority girls watch “Homeland” – because it's trendy.

I've been to my fair share of sorority houses, after hours – and unless they're slurping down the contents of the “cheese pouch” in the Easy-Mac by itself – I doubt MACARONI AND CHEESE is keeping in line with any of their new, trendy Paleo diets.

Officers in sororities and fraternities are especially busy, and may find it hard to balance their personal and social life with someone who does not understand how much time it can take.

Jealousy is also less likely to come into play when dating fellow Greeks since they know it’s normal to socialize and party with so many members of the opposite sex at least two times a week.

“He doesn’t get jealous when I’m at a social with another frat because he gets how the system works…When they’re in the same environment as you, they understand.” While dating Greek may help some find a future boyfriend or girlfriend, it can also get them stuck.

Although, “I ain't got no type” [cue Rae Sremmurd voice], it's hard not to notice a few similarities shared amongst my “old thangs.”Aside from the fact that they all had their fair share of public episodes, crying at Starbucks across Long Island and 7th Avenue – they all went to schools in the Big 10, where they all… I mean, I probably could, if I really put my mind to it – but for the purpose of this piece, I'd rather focus on the “glass half full” side of the debate.

We really can't help it, so we hope you understand. But, you'll appreciate that while we're busy at a birthday dinner or girls' night in, you'll get some free time. You'll never have to worry about introducing us to new people. Whether it be to our sorority or to our relationship, we know the importance of staying committed to something.

As a result, they're probably cocksure about her own sex lives. Given the class of dudes they're used to surrounding themselves with – and the amount of “‘MURICA” chants at the parties they're used to partying at – you'll almost always be considered an “upgrade” right from the jump.(Trying to give advice to someone I know...) I've heard there is a social expectation that only frat guys should go out with sorority girls; and only sorority girls should go out with frat guys.

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