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The performance was very well attended and well received by the crowd.

The piece has already been recorded and will be released soon on Alexander Sevastian`s 4th CD.

Hitler's friends, German Reichstag, more on Germany. Interesting photo of race horse Pompoon with jockey, favorite to win the Kentucky Derby. Horrible photo of person with knife stuck in skull, he lived and was apparently fine, Frank Hill, Georgia. (All Good, but has light cover wear) - Full page Studebaker ad with Airplane designer Donald Douglas. Shooting of Buron Fitts with a great quote "Although his injury was said to have immobilized his left arm, he was still able to hold a cigarette in that hand." Passenger liner "President Coolidge" hits the oil tanker "Frank H. Liner President Coolidge rams an oil tanker - photos. Fiorello Henry La Guardia - mayor of New York City.

Revolution in Barcelona, Spain as portrayed by artist Jose Luis Rey, and more on Barcelona. How a man undresses, the right way and the wrong way (yup - the famous photo piece) - See also February 15, 1937. Neat (small) photo of Virginia and Rainy Lake Company railroad locomotive entirely covered with ice in northern Minnesota. Bell, Jeanne Baird, Carolyn Olson, Verda Bardley and others, including weddings.

‘Capriccio 1812’ by Mikhail Bronner (for bayan and string quartet) - World Premiere.3.

‘Quinston Heights Rhapsody’, by Dmitriy Varelas (for bayan, string quartet, flute, flute-piccolo and drums) - World Premiere.4.

I watch for paired orders from the two stores, combine shipping and refund any overpayment. California horse racing - Bay Meadows and Santa Anita.

‘Quinston Heights Rhapsody’ was commissioned to the young Canadian composer Dmitriy Varelas by Music Niagara. Announces the 2012 V-Accordion Festival winners: Senior Division:1st Place: Svetlana Ivanchenko (photo on left)2nd Place: Gregory Fainshtein Runner ups:1. Steve Gordion Junior Division1st Place: Olivia Luey2nd Place: Peter Chudolij Runner ups1. Rachel Quirbach Svetlana Ivanchenko, as the first place winner of the senior division, will represent the U. at the international Roland V-Accordion Festival in Rome this November.About The Perfume Collector • Paperback: 464 pages • Publisher: Harper Paperbacks (February 4, 2014) London, 1955: Grace Monroe is a fortunate young woman.Despite her sheltered upbringing in Oxford, her recent marriage has thrust her into the heart of London’s most refined and ambitious social circles.Also surprising is the lack of movies with numerals at the end of their titles - in other words, sequels.

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Usually out in abundance during the lazy sunbake season, the tanking of last summer's Speed 2 may have scared off more than a few potential recidivists.Told by invoking the three distinctive perfumes she inspired, Eva d’Orsey’s story weaves through the decades, from 1920s New York to Monte Carlo, Paris, and London. And as Eva’s past and Grace’s future intersect, Grace must choose between the life she thinks she should live and the person she is truly meant to be.