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The usual design is for the mitten cavity to be stitched onto the back of the fingerless glove only, allowing it to be flipped over (normally held back by Velcro or a button) to transform the garment from a mitten to a glove.These hybrids are called convertible mittens or glittens, a combination of "glove" and "mittens". 5 " ( Microsoft Corporation , October 2000 ) • HTML 直 行 網 頁 一 ... com . Microsoft Corporation ( 2007 年8 月1 日 ). 於2007 年8 月15 日 ... The ladybird beetle is less than 1.2 cm (less than 0.5 in) in maximum length.It has a nearly hemispherical body, rounded above and flat below, a small head, and short legs.

•^ Wehr , Hans : " Arabic - English Dictionary ", ... End of the Cold War Between Programming Languages .

All the ladybird beetles, with the exception of the members of one vegetation-eating genus, are carnivorous.

In both the adult and larval stages they feed on insects harmful to plants, such as aphids and scale insects.

Reforms were initiated by the Council of Trent, a conference of church officials, in a series of reports titled Canons and Decrees of the Council Trent. A decree is an official order that implements a canon.) The council met in twenty-seven sessions between 15.

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