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02-Mar-2017 14:51

Following a reception for parents at the school, S6 students and their partners danced the night away!

Thanks are due to the prom committee and the staff who worked so hard to make the night such a triumph.

Are they two consenting adults in love, or is it sexual harassment and exploitation?

A more stringent regulation, which would have banned romance between all professors and undergraduates, was voted down.

Cavallaro confirmed that third-year teacher Mike Golinski, who does not have tenure, has been placed on paid administrative leave. “Other than that, it’s a personnel matter,” he said.

It would be a violation of a state statute for any teacher to date a student.

But Golinski reportedly has told education officials that his relationship with the young woman began at “Blue and White, Up All Night” — the non-alcoholic celebration that takes place each year the night of graduation. Then they met for lunch, and they allegedly became “exclusive” in July, a source said.

I’ve come to believe that having a drink with your former high school teacher is – more often than not – a bit of a trap.

My students initially fantasized about consuming alcohol with me because they wanted to be treated like adults when they were only teenagers.

"While it isn't specifically addressed in our regulations, I do think that we would find a faculty-student relationship ruled out tacitly by our other policies, particularly with respect to sexual harassment and notions of professional conduct," he said.