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20-Dec-2016 17:25

Therefore, why do not you turn online for assistance?Guernsey culture has been moulded by its unique history over the centuries and adapted to fit in with modern life.For any history buffs, there are places of historical interest on the island such as Sausmarez Manor or the Guernsey Tapestry.There are also museums, for example, the Diamond Museum or those dedicated to the German occupation of Guernsey.For a real taste of what the local community is all about, head to Le Viaer Marchi, a celebration of all things Guernsey, and a must see for those who love cultural holidays.Held on the first Monday evening in July, you can have a flutter on the Crown and Anchor, a local gambling dice game, try local cider and traditional food and see Guernsey craft in action.The Parish has clear evidence of changes in ancient sea-levels, with trunks of an oak forest visible on Vazon beach at very low tide and at 8m above sea level an ancient beach.The old Guernésiais nickname for people from Castel was ânes pur sàng.

Fishing and farming were traditionally how Guernsey people got by, and there is evidence both are still essential industries in the island.While Guernsey folk are historically linked to the Normans, there are a host of colourful reasons for how people found themselves arriving – and staying – on the island.