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LOVE BUCKET LIST: A list of things you want in a lover that will fill the love bucket and give you pleasure and enjoyment while you are happy, healthy, and alive.

A “love bucket list” is usually quite a specific list as to your concept of what you want in a love mate:= The right size, shape, color, educational level, temperament, sex drive level, background, resources, status, characteristics, personality traits of a potential love mate and much more A gal is drawn to writing out a love bucket list so she can fine-tune getting her love bucket filled by a masterman.

It was the only way of crossing the Grand Canal on foot for the best part of three centuries.

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I know, you want to sit at a corner bistro and people watch, but the coffee is crap.

Even if you don’t want to visit the museum, the garden area is worthy of a simple, and cheap, first or second date.