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25-Jan-2016 14:11

So we have been super-organised and lined up our next few exciting events- dont miss out, get your tickets below…

All events include our usual games, toys and activities.

tickets released in April Friday 30th June: Summer casino playdate in Central London with prosecco, roulette/blackjack lessons, free betting chips, discount on food, 24 hour venue and great prizes all night!

Well, don’t worry, because I understand how meeting a partner is not always easy. Now I know these cold, dark and wintery nights aren’t very motivating, are they?

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Regarding the bag of gifts "Santa" brought in through the window: the dishwasher seems rather heavy and large to fit into the red bag and we don't see him bring it in the window, or through the door like when he went to pick up Ernie.

Your dating life was like the surface of the sea – always moving, up and down, at times calm or stormy. Amid your brokenness and inner struggles, hear this: God wants to meet every single one of your desires in 2017, and it all starts with surrender from you.1.