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Each year, Jewish officials requested that the annual Temple contribution at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Adar, preceding Passover.

On the fifteenth day of Adar, tables of the money changers were set up through the Holy Land to receive these contributions.

Collection of 38 AR shekels spanning the lifetime of Jesus Christ, circa 5 BC – AD 33/4. 1 (Ed Cohen-CNG, 2011) and DCA Supplement: Shekels of Tyre (Cohen-CNG, 2014).

Hence we are justified in calling it "The Collection of a Lifetime." The collection was assembled by noted numismatist and antiquarian Frank Kovacs of Corte Madera, California over a 25-year period from 1990 to the present.

Since these silver coins were issued up through the reign of the Emperor Nero (A. 54 to 68), we must assume there was something essential about this coinage to the region that encouraged the Romans to allow its production.

Tyre was a minting place of silver tetradrachms for a long time. After Demetrius was murdered, the city Tyre became independent and started to mint autonomous shekels in a style, size and weight (c. And double strikes and damaged dies occurred (fig 4 and 14).Thus this collection would be impossible to duplicate until more examples come to light.The Lifespan of Jesus: Even without taking up the question of his divinity, Jesus of Nazareth, widely known as Jesus Christ, is arguably the most important person in the history of Western Civilization.Widely known as an expert on dated coinages of the Classical East (including Armenia, Judaea, Syria and Phoenicia), Frank's extensive contacts provided him the opportunity to acquire several newly discovered dates that still survive only singly or in tiny numbers (fewer than five known examples).

At least one coin in the collection (number 33, dated Year 154 / AD 28-29), is thought to be unique.

Interestingly, the second reign of Demetrius II, from 129 to 125 B.

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