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20-Jan-2017 13:13

The attackers, who had been drinking heavily and had loaded their car with a knife, hammer, axe and spade, rained down blows on their victim as her boyfriend fled.

Merrilees delivered the fatal blow by plunging a six-inch blade through Nattalie’s lung, leaving her lying in a pool of blood beside a grit bin.

Her style had long been inspiring a crop of Tumblr accounts dedicated to finding the clothes she would wear, and so last summer the pair turned their personal passion into the blog.

It was an interesting choice, but one that made them stand out instantly in a sea of personal style blogs: A male female take on a trend.

Police in Scotland offered a £2,000 reward for information leading to Hamilton's capture.

However, his body was found by a dogwalker last Thursday in a wooded area beside the B7105 in West Calder, West Lothian.

However, his body was found by a dogwalker last Thursday in a wooded area (above) beside the B7105 in West Calder'We are continuing to conduct examinations with various scientific experts to establish exactly when and how Mr Hamilton died, and to ensure any evidence available can be captured from the scene and from the remains themselves.'Work will be ongoing at the site near West Calder for several more days whilst we complete further searches and specialists carry out their work, so the area will stay closed off and the B7105 will also remain closed.' Remote: The dead gangster abducted and raped young men and threatened to kill them if they reported him to police.

Above, police vans are pictured at the scene in West Lothian wheer Hamilton's remains were found Grim discovery: A full post mortem is set to take place next week to determine whether anyone else was involved in Hamilton's demise.

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And if you are intrigued by those “Five Sisters”, the bings in the image, so familiar to the residents of West Calder, you’ll find answers there, too.Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: Eleanor Calder is Louis Tomlinson's ex-girlfriend.