Doula speed dating boise

05-May-2017 22:01

I absolutely love this idea for expecting parents who are considering a doula for childbirth and the postpartum period.The Bull City Doula Collective will be hosting the region's first Doula Speed Dating event for families at p.m., April 26, at the Babies 'R Us at 7001 Renaissance Center in Durham.When it comes to looking for a perfect fit between your birth goals and a birth doula, asking a few pointed questions during an interview can be the quickest way to assess whether she’ll be the best match for your needs.Whether you’re thinking of attending this weekend’s Doula Speed Dating event, or you’re planning for your own doula interviews, here are a few questions you might ask to help guide your discussions. How will you work with my partner/birth team/care provider?

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Editor's note: Ashley Collins, a birth doula with Little Bee Birth Partner, shares these tips for selecting a doula.