Ethan hawke winona ryder dating

26-Aug-2016 19:03

In a dream world where we get the movie endings we crave, Janeane Garofalo and Winona Ryder’s characters in Reality Bites are the filet mignons of best friends I would have died to see get it on.Garofalo plays Vickie Miner who lives with Ryder’s character, Lelaina Pierce.Winona Ryder knows her Simple Minds—and not just "Don't You (Forget About Me)," to which she enthusiastically lip-synchs while propped up on her elbows on a dark red comforter on the set of our cover shoot. But I've been driving people nuts; I'm just not a computer person. " MOOALLEM: They probably think it's cool, to be honest. MOOALLEM: "Winona Ryder smiled at me." RYDER: I don't know. I'm actually about to do something that I'm really excited about."Will you recognize me, call my name, or walk on by? T WAS this REALIZATION THAT I STILL LOVED ACTING—AND THAT I STILL WANTED TO DO IT. I have to admit, though, that when I went to get the i Phone, this guy who had been helping me in the store said, "We should go up to the bar," and I thought it was an actual bar. " Anyhow, I'm really trying to find a happy medium where I can hold on to some degree of privacy and dignity. MOOALLEM: You lived in New York before, though, right? I haven't really tried it, but I have gotten some weird looks that maybe I've misread. It's this film that David Hare is doing that's part of the [2011], and it had the most insane cast—Bill Nighy, Ray Fiennes, Judy Davis, Rachel Weisz.In the winter of this discontent, there are two dark-haired wonder women who can smoke a cigarette with the vigor of Courtney Love and give Sapphic meaning to Squeeze’s “Tempted By the Fruit of Another.”Vickie is a firm believer in equal rights. Also, as a bonus, Vickie sports a truly amazing pair of round purple sunglasses and green platform heels that even Jenny Mc Carthy would throw a jealous fit over.

I spoke with the 41-year-old Ryder recently in New York. You know how a lot of people said they were going to do that? So I was raised with what I would say was a healthy alternative political view.

MOOALLEM: Well, you can take advantage of it while it lasts. Our recorders are digital now, and for some reason, I always doubt that they're recording. But, yeah, I have a whole relationship with technology that I'm struggling with a bit. I will say, though, that San Francisco is a very friendly city.

WINONA RYDER: I don't know if it's a cold—it's just that my voice was kind of going. In a weird way, I was actually hoping that whatever voice thing I've got could stay so that I could sort of have a Debra Winger thing going on. But it's getting better, so I'm going to sound like me. MOOALLEM: It's 2013, so I'm sure somebody somewhere is recording us right now anyhow. MOOALLEM: Well, you grew up in California in the late '70s—you must've been around some conspiracy theorists. Lawrence Ferlinghetti would watch me, and I would play in his office. But in New York, everyone seems a little less into that.

“You’re not telling the truth in regards to the facts of their life, you’re making art of their life, which is a slightly different thing.

But you have to do it with a tremendous amount of love — and with Chet, I found that really easy.” Hawke stumbled upon the film more than 15 years after he was already working on a similar movie about the life of a younger Baker.

“I’m so proud of him,” gushed Winona Ryder about her longtime friend and colleague Ethan Hawke at a special screening of IFC Films’ “Born to Be Blue,” held at the Roxy Hotel in New York on Sunday night.

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