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30-Apr-2017 20:33

Could there be anything wrong with me to be causing this terrible smell? I want to know how I can get rid of the terrible odor that comes out of me.Gas does tend to stink more when the farter consumes foods that are either not so good for them (such as high-fat fried foods, sugary confections, and carbonated beverages such as sodas and beer) or things that disagree with them (such as foods they are allergic to or intolerant of, like dairy or wheat products).Illness can also be a contributing factor in the scent and intensity of the flatulent odor.You know you're gonna be tootin all night long.

More information on my email-u: [email protected] your self in anyway you wany no pervs. It's sometimes confusing but with Maximum security we allow members to join to make a dream partner come true.

I eat a balanced diet with no excess of anything I can think of. Dear Smellyass, Some folks' opinion of a "balanced diet" really don't meet all the good health standards that are usually implied with the term.

Just because you don't eat any one thing in excess does not mean that all the stuff you are eating equal parts of are really that good for you.

remember we are not here to judge we are here to listen and help orhers with their issues2I am looking for a man that knows what he whats in life and that likes to have fun and enjoys being out side and that is open minded.

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I like doing about any thing i love to laugh and have fun and just be myself i would like to meet a men with the same views as me or close to it. You and members in your friend list can kick out anyone in your public room.

So usually my stomach is pretty strong and I don't blow any gas...however if I eat grapes, broccoli, mexican food or a good amount of greasy and dairy food, I will blow you away. I hate wearing jeans because they linger in the jeans and... I was baby sitting a little girl last night and for a moment i was able to take a nice little bath and get comfortable well i told her to go to bed and it must have been about 8 at night and to me thats a decent bed time well she wouldnt listen and she argued with me... that gets to live in a nice house with a sweet husband and maybe 2 kids i want to be able to fart for my husband put my toes in his mouth and i want it to feel like a natural turn on thing i want to be able to have a guy that i can be my dumb self with and wear his shirt around...