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The competition has skating categories specifically for young skaters.For all NPC sanctioned competitions in Washington and Idaho, visit Check back periodially as show dates get added and some may change for various reasons.Once a year there is a national adult competition that many of the adults participate in, as well as an international adult competition that members have competed in.The Junior Club is a group within ABQfsc that consists of members under 18 years of age.What I've also decided to do with this article is to write a complete guide for preparing for a figure competition - everything you need to know from start to finish, diet to training, suits to hair, heels to posing.I hope this helps ease your mind and lessen the stress you will encounter during your prep, and bringing home a trophy wouldn't be too bad, either!You can also use the Event Type scroll bar to also find specific event types like trial judge events or Grand Prix events.There are many local competitions hosted by area clubs that allow the skater to display their skills before an audience, other skaters, and a judging panel. The current rotation is as follows: The competition is always hosted in a rink no less than 200 feet in length.

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You have a strong work ethic, are determined to reach your goals, and love meeting new challenges. Of course, that leaves you with much to be learned and accomplished.

At the more advanced levels, skaters can compete Nonqualifying competitions are events sanctioned by U. Figure Skating, and hosted by a member clubs that provides an opportunity for any U. Figure Skating member to participate in a competition. If the Host Club’s rink is less than 200 feet in length, the Host Club either passes on the competition or arranges for a different rink within which to host the competition. Only GCC member clubs are eligible to win the trophies.