Firefox not updating automatically

05-Apr-2017 19:45

Most Windows installs will have a fair amount of software installed, even light users will have a few programs to do the bare essentials.

It could be just basic things like a web browser, Flash player, PDF reader and a few others, but it’s all software that gets updated at regular intervals.

Here we show you how to disable automatic updates for a few common applications.

Important: A lot of software is updated regularly to fix security issues and you leave your system more vulnerable by not using the latest version.

We’ll base it on their overall share of the browser market, using data from Stat Counter.

We’re including this since we can’t really assume that all of you will be intimately familiar with how the browser versions are spread out.

Double-click Flash Player, click the Advanced tab, and select an option under Updates.

On Mac OS, you can also go to the System Preferences and double-click the Flash Player icon. Adobe Flash Player never checks for updates, so your system is vulnerable to security issues.

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Otherwise, wait for the Firefox update to download and install automatically.Two web browsers currently use a rapid release schedule combined with automated updates.Chrome has had it from the start, and Firefox started using it this summer with the introduction of Firefox 5.If an update is available, it will begin downloading automatically.

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If Firefox is already up to date, just close the About Firefox window.

This feature automatically shows suggestions in the addressbar whenever you type some text in Firefox addressbar.

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