Free jasmine live ca

09-Apr-2017 16:18

Concerts will be in Seoul and Chon An, South Korea this week on April 28 and 29.Jasmine will be playing this beautiful concerto with harpist Xavier de Maistre, KBS Symphony Orchestra under maestro Günther Herbig.

All you need to do is place an order for anything up at between now and the end of July and we will pop one into your package before it ships! Just a few notes: *It won’t show up really in the shopping cart or anything, it will just manually be added by my sister Amber & my husband Matt when they are packaging up orders for the month of July.

On the business end, Jasmine will teach you how to: Jasmine will take you on location as she shoots a real wedding, narrating her on-the-fly decision making and how she keeps clients happy throughout the day.