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I would also suggest to any union members that many of your local colleges or universities offer. “The most curious claim for Fast Track was ‘leadership.’ Without Fast Track, America could not be a world leader. A leader is someone who takes people where they want to go. While deny- ing workers a living wage, the Borders chain, which has 202 stores around the country; is grow'ing at a rate of 40 new M ore and more union activists are finding that organizing victories are won faster — and fairer — outside the time-consuming NLRB election process.

The old wagonmasters who guided wagon trains west were leaders. Jablonski (Publications Director); Tula Connell (Editor); Mike Hall, David Kameras, James B. Now, the AFL-CIO is tracking just how many organiz- ing wins stem from card-check recognition, voluntary' recogni- tion and community elections.

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Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Circe is on some lips, and I listen to stories of the Grand Passion with a heart wfaose beating is quickened by my own never-to-be-forgotten F l Ately there came to me two men who had been maimed and in the financial storm which raged in the great work L 1 knew been ; for I saw accounts of social wrecks and disasters in the mn* I had read notices of the panic, and had been called upon be to the best of my knowledge what a panic was.