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Usually, fresh fruits are preferable, but the proportion of cooked foods varies. Some eat more greens or root/stem vegetables, others prefer botanical fruit, including non-sweet kinds (like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash).Most fruitarians have ethical or environmental concerns, some may not, health or performance may be their primary motivation.Green singles, Vegetarians, Vegans who care about global warming, animal testing, etc!Fruitarianism involves - as its name would suggest - eating nothing but fruit (with a sprinkling of nuts and seeds thrown in). Most famously, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs spent some time as a fruitarian (he claimed it fueled his creativity).By 11.30am I was so hungry I had a Nakd bar (it was just nuts and dried fruits, so not twisting the rules too much). I was bloated but hungry and couldn’t believe how much I’d eaten. At 12.45pm I had some dried fruit crisps and an hour and a half later I had an avocado and a smoothie for ‘lunch’.All I can say is thank God avocados are technically fruit because there’s no way I could survive without anything savoury, and I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know.The eight-day Woodstock Fruit Festival was started in 2011 by Michael Arnstein, a lithe 39-year-old former ultra marathoner who had adopted a fruit-based diet three years earlier.Arnstein has credited his practice of eating almost entirely fruit (as much as 30 pounds a day, as he told the late magazine in 2012) to improving his eyesight, lowering his body fat and staving off illness.

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💫💗 A post shared by Raquel (@whatevermakesmyhappiness) on Now I really like fruit, so even though I never thought I could be fruitarian for life (because pizza and burgers and cake), I thought I could easily give it a go for a week. I managed three days as a fruitarian and had to stop because I was feeling so ill.

Now Arnstein is a cornerstone figure in the world of fruitarianism, most often considered raw veganism at its most extreme, the kind of diet that makes hard-core paleo and vegan regimens seem like a fast food binge.