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01-Apr-2017 02:55

PANAMA CITY, Fla - Update: The 25-year old victim in Friday night's shooting at the Macedonia Garden Apartments died from his injuries, according to Panama City Police Chief Scott Ervin.Ervin said investigators were also talking with a person of interest Saturday afternoon, but they hadn't filed any charges in the shooting yet.

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His powers of casting perfected by experts for generations of talent, he is ready to take on the Moonduck Hub for the first time, bring with him knowledge, skill, and ancient memes Long time co caster and friend of siractionslacks (oh god) and long time player of dota with only 2k mmr (OH GOD NO) burnside will be in front of the camera for the first time. Who cares honestly he is helping make food and we aren't even paying him The Onus is on YOU to watch this hub and see how crazy the wise one gets when it comes to statistics, dota, and well pretty much everything really.

The 0.4 update will bring the all new alliances feature to add further depth and distinction to the different factions and groups in the game.

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