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13-Apr-2016 09:11

Recognition for Bollywood doesn’t get better than this.

But it needs you, a discerning member of the audience, to validate the awards for us.

So cast your vote in favor of all those you think worthy and deserving of the prestigious trophy. And your valuable vote might just tilt the balance in favor of somebody who right now is also in the running.

You be the judge for us, go on, Bollywood is counting on you..

There are some faces that one always finds in the commercials but can’t quite place them.

Budding actors in today’s world realize that getting a break or a lead role in a movie is not that easy to score.

Actor Gaurav Khanna, best known for his roles in shows like “Santaan”, “Jeevan Saathi” and “Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam”, says he prefers to do shows for a shorter time period as he gets bored playing the same role for a longer time.

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This in more ways than one attracts the eyes of the press and therein they start digging for details.The popularity and constant praise for beauty made her think about looking for a career in the film industry. That friend had also become a boyfriend over the time. Yami Gautam had shared quite a close relationship with him.

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