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25-Mar-2017 15:45

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“The problem for most gay kids is that they can lose their parents whether their parents are hateful or supportive,” says Dan Savage, author, sex columnist and creator of the “It Gets Better Project,” which helps gay teens recover from bullying.“When a kid is queer, the hateful parent shuts down and wants nothing to do with them.But experts say that processing a child’s proclamation of their sexuality is only the beginning of the journey for moms and dads.And while there are an increasing number of families who embrace their child’s homosexuality and are supportive, loving, and even unfazed by the revelation, it’s a turn of the tide that leaves some concerned about whether or not there is an understanding of the nuances of parenting a gay teen.This list provides a sampling of some excellent resources.

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Their approach was largely clinical and gloomy, and they escorted parents through a grieving process and toward acceptance, as if their child had been diagnosed with a disease.

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When gay teens come out to their parents, it’s an experience often rife with emotion and candor that can’t help but change the kid–parent dynamic.

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