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“I think they should switch off the BBC for two months,” he says, when the conversation (inevitably) turns to the subject of his employer. I’m not sure if I should tell you this, but the BBC did do a thing… And at the end of it, everyone was happy to pay for the licence fee.” Norton, who is rumoured to take home £1.5 million a year, is aware that anything he says about the corporation will be met with a lot of eye rolling, as happened this week when it was revealed he was one of the signatories of a letter to David Cameron calling for the government to protect the institution from cuts.

“Just put £24 into everyone’s bank account, and switch the BBC off for two months, and people would s*** themselves.” Has he suggested this to Lord Hall? they wanted to know what the public appetite was for the licence fee, so they did a deprivations test. 'But of course, everyone goes 'well you would say that, wouldn’t you.’ But having spent time in other countries, I see that the BBC is amazing. It’s just that my voice has no weight in that debate.” But shouldn’t he feel able to cherish and criticise the organisation? The trouble is that every every government hates the BBC.

“I do read comments under pieces about Chris Evans doing Top Gear or me doing whatever, and they often say 'I’m going to stop paying my licence fee, blah blah blah.’ And I think, alright, but you do know that Top Gear subsidises the BBC to this enormous extent? Like Radio 4, or CBeebies [these are the things I like, he’s right].” We have come to Shoreditch House to discuss the paperback publication of his latest book, The Life and Loves of a He Devil. So no, I don’t suffer from depression but I have been down about things.” He says that the first 30 years of his life, before he found success as a comedian on Loose Ends, and then in Father Ted, “did seem like quite hard work.” But he had a lovely upbringing in Bandon in Cork and goes back there regularly, and though he’s had some crazy times with alcohol.

He is bearded but neat; sparkly but spiky - when he needs to be; just like he comes across on the telly. I think that word gets bandied around by some people. He wouldn’t say he was an alcoholic and he never got into drugs, but “I see how 52 years of booze stories back to back does look…

By a unanimous seven to zero, the High Court judges accepted that limits on donations to parties and candidates are constitutional.

Mc Cloy had relied on a 23-year-old line of court authority that the Constitution protects a “freedom of political communication”.

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