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04-Aug-2016 08:57

You will get a benefit just for dating most of the girls, such as the very useful ability to keep your weapons and money after being busted or wasted.

Then once you raise your relationship level with a girl to 50% you will get the keys to her car, which will be available whenever the girl is at home.

In the summer weeks and months ahead, we’ve got lots more fun modes and high-octane vehicles coming your way – starting with today’s special Independence Week drop featuring a futuristic new Supercar, an intense new mode, patriotic liveries and more." And now onto the goods...

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Also, there are gifts you can give to a girl during a date so I've included a list of some of the more convenient locations to find these in the Gift Locations section.Weapons Package #2Xbox: PS2: Knife, Desert Eagle, Sawed-Off, Tec-9, M4, Sniper Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenades, Fire Estinguisher.Weapons Package #3Xbox: PS2: Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, Spaz, MP5, M4, Sniper Rifle, Heat Seaking Rocket Laucher, Remote Explosives.The main reason to date a girl in this game is to get stuff from her.

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There are six different girls to date, and each one has their own benefits and rewards to offer.The Vagner is the latest experiment to escape Dewbauchee's R&D labs and it's designed for one thing and one thing only: speed.

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