I had a dream i was dating my crush divorce dating kid

03-Nov-2016 12:39

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Dreaming Lens: Were you crying in the dream or were you watching someone cry? Water represents emotion and tears are the fluid expression of our deepest emotions as squeezed out by the body.Just as crying in life is an involuntary expression of deep feelings, the same can be said about crying in a dream.This is when you may dream of a current partner (in real life) dating someone else. Seeing your partner dating another person would mean you have to make a move to stop whatever relationship you may have.

If your feelings towards your girlfriend in the dream are positive and the two of you seem to have a good relationship, then this suggests that the two of you are happy and committed in real life too.Last night’s dream circle had a theme; it was vulnerability.And of course, I woke up this morning feeling very vulnerable.To see tears in a dream represents goodbyes and sorrows.

It implies weakness and a signal that change is needed.Perhaps there is someone about to enter your life, or who you have just met, that might be interested in a relationship, or a friend who might be looking for more.