I must be dating myself

05-Dec-2016 16:40

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This has been a most unusual day: Love has made me see things in a different way Can it be? Why am I feeling when things could look black That nothing could possibly go wrong?

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If love comes knocking at my door, I will know that this is not my doing, but a divine intervention into my year of purposeful singleness. Treat myself to dinner and a movie or a night to "Netflix and chill." You see I have come to realize that I will never be able to fully learn to love another person if I don't first learn to love myself.At first, it felt like a relief to find someone that was as content as I was to sit at home drinking Bailey's and dissecting the existentialism of Ke$ha lyrics.But around the three-month mark, I just wanted to get the f*ck out of my apartment.Here's what I mean: I am, by and large, an introverted person but I still love people, bars, drinking and socializing.

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I found when dating someone who is equally as introverted as I am made me more likely to stay in my comfort zone — my apartment.

I figure by the time we get to know each other I will be legal tender and we can marry. I do extremely well for myself - meeting ladies everywhere I go. I like the more natural look, somewhat earthy, but one that cleans up real well. I can chop lots of wood and can even climb a greased pole. THIS DESCRIPTION IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PRETTY PICTURE WITHOUT YOU. , and the Mail Order logo are trademarks of Mail Order Husbands, Inc.