Internet dating fatigue

15-Apr-2016 13:08

It made me want to hide out on a remote island with no internet coverage …

especially when they started finding me on my social media accounts (guys/girls …

It’s easy to have a snack before hitting the supermarket, but why do we find it so difficult to take a step back from the dating pool when we’re feeling exhausted? In order to help you confirm that you are indeed ready to date, I’ve created six simple check-in questions for you to ask yourself.

If you check off the right answer to these six questions, you can feel confident that you’re probably in a pretty good place mentally and emotionally — and that’s likely to come across to your dates as far more attractive.

This is what I call the “dating sweet spot”, and it’s a good indicator of when things are just about to line up for you. We’ve all had our share of drama, breakups, hurt feelings and blown opportunities.

The following six questions will help give you clarity about were you are in the process:1. of it rather than how you can contribute to and love another person. The critical question is: have you processed those events so there is no longer an emotional charge attached to them?

I’ve been on five in the past two months, and they’re exhausting.

You usually have to make small talk and run through all the same information again and again.

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So when it’s Friday night and time for your date, you may prefer to put on your sweats and crash on the couch for the evening—instead of trying coax a little more energy from your empty tank.From answering questions and writing emails to reading profiles and looking through photos, and then there’s the dates themselves—dealing with nerves, trying to make conversation, putting your best foot forward … In such a busy world, online dating provides a chance to reach a wider group of people than what you may encounter day-to-day and to chat to them how/when suits you—but that doesn’t mean you should spend all your free time scrolling through profiles or checking to see if that guy/girl you were matched with has replied to your email.I realised I was suffering from ODF when I considered throwing my phone out the window.But of course you have to go through a first date to see if it’ll turn into a second and third.” That is the crux of the matter: A first date is necessary to determine if more dates are called for to further explore possibilities, especially since those possibilities might lead to a truly fantastic relationship.

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Not to sound like a fortune cookie, but it’s true that “Every long, glorious journey begins with one decisive step.” If you are feeling worn out and discouraged from a string of dead-end first dates, it’s time to regroup and retool your approach. The analogy says that “dating is a marathon, not a sprint.” If that’s true, then you need to be intentional about maintaining your physical and mental health for the trek.Everyone can understand why it’s a mistake to do your grocery shopping when you’re starving.