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How did you meet Lana and become part of the "Born to Die" video? Everyone made me feel very comfortable so everything went so smoothly. She has a beautiful soul and she's so much fun to be around. Everyone asks the same question, did you have a boner? I got picked because the photographer, Armen Djerrahian, shot me for The Wild Magazine and knew the director of the video, Yoanne Limoine. What was it like working with Lana and embracing her for over three minutes on camera like that? Released last Thursday, “West Coast” is a mysterious, yet artful celebration of all things Californian—including palm trees, sandy shores, and long stretches of concrete that pass while driving up the strip in a convertible. The model, actor, and musician best known as Lana Del Rey's on-screen lover just reprised his role for a third time in the singer's video for her new single, "West Coast," which precedes her sophomore album, .

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Note frontwoman Yo-Landi Visser's sharp hairdo: her gaunt, browless and blunt-banged look has been a stubborn signature for years, a harbinger of a look that has only just fallen into mass favor.

I've learned a lot about fashion as a model so my styles a little better than it used to be, but i've always had swag.

Hudson, Lana Del Rey, Space Ghost Purrp, Iggy Azalea, Neako, Kanye West, Cold World, Modern Life Is War, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Bad Religion, Tyler The Creator, Carry On, Chromeo, Deadmau5, Frank Ocean, Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX, Jay Electronica, Lil Wayne, Nas, M83, Mellowhype Rob Roy, Pusha T, & Three 6 Mafia. I find style influences from a lot of hip hop artists and then whatever high fashion styles I mix with it.

I'm not mad about it, but it's a very shallow industry. My favorite part of working with Lana, was just working with Lana, chilling and talking with her and getting to know who she really is past what the public sees.

Then my favorite male artist video would be Jay-Z & Kanye West's video for "Otis," just because it's so much fun, and such a crazy concept to just ball out and shit on everyone else in your music video. They hit my agent up, and said "Yeah, we wanna cast him." [But] they moved it to Paris, and had a casting for it instead.