Is rihanna dating chris brown again 2016

28-Dec-2016 04:29

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And one recent report claimed that the singer is not happy that Rihanna and Di Caprio have sparked up a romance again.Rihanna appears to be putting Chris Brown on serious blast amid reports he’s looking to reignite their past romance.She never would go; she would have a million excuses why she couldn't talk to me.That's how [Rihanna] made me feel, she made me feel small; she made me feel nervous.“Rihanna is petty she posted that because Chris liked it yesterday bruh she has complex shade very messy just like her fans,” Twitter user @Melanin Mist tweeted out of Rihanna’s Instagram post, while @Da Real King J claimed, “I think Rihanna just clapped back on Chris Breezy on Instagram.” Notably, Rihanna’s seeming Chris slam came amid reports that Brown was actually looking to reconcile with his ex.According to reports, Brown allegedly sees himself and Rihanna dating again, despite Rihanna seemingly confirming that she’s dating Drake at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in August, and believes it’s just “a matter of time” until he and the singer are officially a couple once more.Ever since Drake took to the VMAs stage in a tuxedo and pronounced his undying love for Rihanna to the entire world, the internet has been obsessed with trying to figure out whether they are lovers or just insanely close friends.The two have been notoriously tight-lipped about putting a label on their relationship, but it just takes a quick look at their history together to see that they've always been soul mates.

Rihanna and the Oscar-Award winning actor don’t have to say much about the gossip considering they were spotted kissing during the Coachella festivities last month.

Rihanna and Chris Brown's 'Nobodies Business': What Do You Think?

2009: Drake Rumors about Rihanna and Drake dating have swirled for years thanks to multiple collaborations between the two artists and their insane chemistry.

is reporting that Brown supposedly doesn’t actually believe that Rihanna will be getting serious with Drake, or any other man, and is instead convinced that he and Rihanna will one day get back together and start dating again.

“Chris could say the same thing about Rihanna and it be true,” an insider told the site of how Brown reacted to Rihanna’s cryptic post about her ex-boyfriends.“So it’s safe to say that I wasn’t da problem lol.” While Rihanna didn’t explicitly mention Brown by name, Rihanna’s post came just days after Chris appeared to lash out at former girlfriend Karrueche Tran on the social media site after fans brought up his past relationship.