Jared leto and scarlett johansson dating Do sexy chat without registration

31-May-2017 01:59

He's in the whole art-scene world," she revealed."So it's nice because we can enjoy each other's worlds, but we don't have our crazy conflicting schedules and all that other stuff to contend with."The blonde beauty - who has famously dated the likes of Sean Penn, Jared Leto and Josh Hartnett, while marrying Ryan Reynolds - went on to reveal that she has finally seen the appeal of dating someone who isn't involved in the same industry."Of course, actors in general, they're obsessed with emotions."Although, he's French, so he's probably overly into his emotions," she jokingly added.

The Captain America star, who is currently pregnant with her first child, revealed that she was "deeply in love" with her beau back in January, just weeks after announcing their engagement, however added that she was in "no rush" to walk down the aisle.

The pair are parents to two-year-old daughter Rose.

“I’m on guard because I have a young daughter,” Scarlett said.

Well it’s been several romances later for both of them, and now Scarlett is dating Nate Naylor, the most beautiful man in the universe.

There’s a bit of trouble brewing, however, for Jared Leto has allegedly been texting up a storm in the direction of Scarlett, who is (also allegedly) the only girl who ever dumped him.

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