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26-May-2016 15:38

Where would President Bartlett be without Toby Ziegler? We review every profile on our Jewish dating site and approve only those we feel are accurate and relevant to our members, creating an exclusive community of Jewish singles serious about meeting the right one.If you don’t want to wait for a mutual Wishlist, you can contact the user immediately, for 2 tokens which you can purchase on the website or in-app.

They have a beautiful Jewish wedding, a couple beautiful Jewish babies and live happily ever after. What I really want to comment on are feminist Jewish men. Oh, and you gotta know that Jewish men are far more likely to want (not just be comfortable with, but actually want) an intellectual woman!

I know this because I am a JDater and I feel like the time has come to add a more realistic voice to burgeoning myth. I hope my expectation of finding someone half-way "normal" isn't included...