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Amy’s Crush on Penny As the amount of affection she was getting from now-ex-boyfriend Sheldon increased, Amy’s crush on Penny cooled, but during the early seasons of the ladies’ friendship, Amy Farrah Fowler could not be less than subtle about her physical interest in Penny: She presented Penny with a painted portrait of the two of them, which Amy said had originally been a nude portrait; she drunkenly kissed Penny in season four’s “The Agreement Dissection,” and sang lyrics from Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”; and after Penny tried to explain Schrödinger’s Cat with a real-life example, Amy told her, “Homespun stories, knowledge of physics, and a bosom that defies it. ” Anti-Christmas Sheldon Cooper was initially a Grinch, hating on all things Christmas because his beloved Pop Pop died when he was 5, and Sheldon’s Christmas wish — to bring Pop Pop back — was denied.

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Bernadette’s Mean She’s a petite woman with a cartoonishly high-pitched voice and a sweet demeanor. Howard’s wife has a passive-aggressive tendency that, when paired with a set of lungs that can turn her squeaky voice into one that rivals that of Howard’s mother, can be truly frightening.