Joseph gordon levitt and claudia schiffer dating

03-Aug-2016 04:29

And his technical shakiness almost works in his favor. You have to respect a guy who went from looking like a miniature Paula Poundstone to Heath Ledger's distant cousin. While Joseph Gordon-Levitt's big, goofy grin and resulting dimples are utterly endearing, they still make me think of the darling orphan from cast included Tom Hardy, because every time the two were on screen together, I daydreamed about how Tom Hardy could probably kick JGL in the head, and how hot that would be. And JGL blows these style rookies out of the water. Eventually, I would break up with him, and he'd probably look at me all doe-eyed and immediately forgive me. His snuggle game is surely on-point, and you he has nice sheets.He's cool in the same way that the skater from your neighborhood who could only play The Ramones and one Yeah Yeah Yeahs song was cool: they're not trying to prove anything. And I'm predicting that we haven't seen the best yet — JGL strikes me as a future Hot Dad. And then I realized I was daydreaming in a movie about dreaming and that I just got incepted. It's not like he just read in hand and a feminist pin on his messenger bag, like you'd meet on the quad at Sarah Lawrence. If I had to walk down a dark alley opposite one male celebrity, it would Chris Kattan, but JGL would be a close second. He would make a really great Spotify playlist to help him "process." We'd stay in touch. After a while, we would barely remember that we even dated. I'd love to spend a night with JGL: get wine-drunk, listen to yé-yé records from the '60s, pull off his bow tie, maybe let him get to second base, and then curl up beside him and fall asleep.

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